About the Wisconsin Women’s Network

Founded in 1979, the Wisconsin Women’s Network, a coalition of organizations and individuals, advances the status of women and girls in Wisconsin through communication, education, and advocacy.

The Wisconsin Women’s Network facilitates communication among its members to strengthen our voices while we work together on issues promoting equity and justice for women and their families.

The Wisconsin Women’s Network agenda is based on the principles articulated in Wisconsin Women and the National Plan of Action, resolutions adopted in 1977 at the Wisconsin State Meeting and the first National Women’s Conference in Houston.

The impetus for the formation of the Wisconsin Women’s Network in 1979 was the dismantling of the Wisconsin Commission on the Status of Women. The Network founders made permanent what had been an informal ad hoc coalition working on a variety of issues. The result is a broad-based coalition of women’s organizations, labor unions, religious and educational groups, providers of human services, and business associations furthering understanding of women’s issues.