Task Forces Through the Years

The Wisconsin Women’s Network has created many different task forces in order to tackle women’s social and political issues of the past 30 years.  These different task forces within the Network have worked to help push legislation, lobby politicians, and ensure the social advancement of women and girls in Wisconsin.  Please click on any of the links below to learn more about the various task forces the Wisconsin Women’s Network has had throughout the past 30 years.

Budget Impact Task Force

Child Care Task Force

Child Support and Custody Task Force

Displaced Homemakers Task Force

Domestic Abuse Task Force

Education Equity Task Force

Employment Equity Task Force

Equal Rights Amendment Task Force

Health Care Task Force

Lesbian Rights Task Force

Marital Property Reform Task Force

Reproductive Rights Task Force

Sexual Assault Task Force

Substance Abuse Task Force

Women and Aging Task Force

Women and Poverty Task Force

Women in Criminal Justice Task Force

Women Veterans Task Force

Young Women’s Task Force