The Education Equity Task Force

The Education Equity Task Force began in the mid 1980s, as controversial legislation regarding education and budget cuts throughout the state were threatening to severely affect Wisconsin’s school systems. One of their major projects was ensuring the enforcement of the Wisconsin Pupil Non-Discrimination Law, which in 1985 was revised by statute 118.13; this established procedures and enforcement mechanisms for compliance with Wisconsin’s pupil nondiscrimination law. The task force was adamant in ensuring race equity, sex equity, and national origin equity, in addition to equity for the poor, the disabled, and those of differing religious backgrounds. Additionally, the task force was interested in legislation that included (but was not limited to) sexual education, use of public funds and federal funds in education, federal funding for discrimination of women, minorities, the disabled, and the elderly in education, Indian education, Women’s Education Equity Act, Title I, and the creation of magnet schools. The task force is no longer active within the Wisconsin Women’s Network, but many of the members continue to work for educational equity for all in Wisconsin.