The Health Care Task Force

In 1993, the Wisconsin Women’s Network created the Health Care Task Force, with the following purpose statement: “We recognize that a strong voice must be raised to advocate for the needs of women of all ages and backgrounds for equitable and universal access to health care. The WWN’s Health Care Task Force accepts the challenge to become aware of current health care issues and to take a leadership role in discussion and actions regarding these issues. Our goal is to educate women to recognize their health care needs and empower them to access an equitable health care system.” The task force especially endorsed health care legislation that promoted universality, equality, diversity, and social responsibility. Working towards goals such as lifetime health care coverage, choices in reproductive health care, prevention and treatment of women and children, mental health and substance abuse health coverage, research funding, and universal health care, the task force worked on the WI Health Care Reform Project, the Women’s Cancer Coalition, and with health care facilities across the state on abortion issues, often working in conjunction with the Reproductive Rights Task Force.