The Marital Property Reform Task Force

The very first task force and central driving issue for the Wisconsin Women’s Network in 1979, the Marital Property Reform Task Force was set up to push enforcement of the Wisconsin Uniform Marital Property Act (WUMPA). Headed by Anne Arnesan, the task force joined forces with the Governor’s Marital Economic Reform Task Force. WUMPA, when enacted, would reform marital property laws in the areas of wills and estate planning, intestacy, surviving spouses, bank accounts, credit, income taxes and joint tenancy. After the enactment a no-fault law from the Divorce Reform Act of 1978, WUMPA would go one step further in ensuring that women were not unfairly hit by the consequences of divorce or widowing. The Task Force continued to work towards its goal until WUMPA was  enacted in 1986, Wisconsin becoming the first state in the nation to create such a law.