The Young Women’s Task Force

Mission Statement

The Young Women’s Task Force is a group of enthusiastic young women dedicated to translating the pressing concerns of young women and men in Wisconsin into advocacy, action, and empowerment. Based on an agenda developed by 150 young people from across the state, the Task Force will engage in group discussions and develop projects to promote social change.

Background and Objectives

The Young Women’s Task Force (YWTF) emerged from the December 2010 Wisconsin Young Women’s Agenda, a collaborative event of the Wisconsin Women’s Network and the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This advocacy forum brought together 150 women (and a few men!) from across the state to identify their issues of concern and strategies for change on an individual, community and institutional level. The general issues defined in the agenda are:

Sexual Health and Sex Education
Reproductive Health
Violence Against Women and Sexual Assault
Representations of Women in the Media
LGBT Rights
Gender and Women’s Studies
Childcare Services/for Single (Teenage) Mothers

The outcomes of this event are available in the publication “2010 Wisconsin Young Women’s Agenda”. The Young Women’s Task Force, which includes college students and members of community-based organizations, will use the Agenda issues as the basis for developing projects that will contribute to the empowerment of young women and men. Our goals are to continue discussion, and identification of concerns and strategies for action to create social change for young people across Wisconsin and beyond. We believe that personal development, leadership, collaboration, creativity, and advocacy have the power to inspire this change, as well as to inspire others to do the same!

2010-2011 YWTF Members

Etonde Awaah

Jessica Callaway

Kirsten Cowhurst

Elizabeth Galewski

Emma Hill

Kristina Nailen

Sofia Noguera

Jennifer Schnacky

Melissa Speener (vice-chair)

Sara Stellpflug

Minjon Tholen (chair)

Alexandra Wall


We are proud to announce publication of the results of the 2010 Wisconsin Young Women’s Agenda summit! To download a copy of the Agenda, click here

For questions, to order a copy of the Agenda or join this Task Force, contact Emily Winecke of use this form to sign up for updates:

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