WWN Mentorship Program

The WWN Mentorship Program is a professional mentoring program designed by the Wisconsin Women’s Network.  The program provides undergraduate women a professional, caring, supportive mentor relationship that focuses on issues relevant to young women who are completing their undergraduate studies, becoming ready to enter the workforce and preparing for future success in their careers and personal lives.  College women, regardless of their life circumstances, can benefit from guidance and encouragement during this critical transition period.

How the WWN Mentorship Program Works: Mentors and mentees must be able to commit to one year of participation in the program.  For 2014, students will be carefully matched with a volunteer professional woman for a one-year mentor relationship. During the course of the year, the mentor pairs will be required to meet face-to-face or communicate regularly (at least once a month).  Mentor relationships will be tailored to meet the individual needs of students and focus on improving the students’ prospects while respecting their life circumstances and perspectives.  WWN will provide initial group training about the program.  In addition, the WWN will conduct educational sessions during the year on topics of common interest to enrich the mentoring experience and allow for networking time among the participants.

2014 Program Schedule:

Jan 2014 Train and orient mentors and mentees

Feb-Mar 2014 Ongoing mentor/mentee meetings

April 2014 Educational/Networking session for mentors and mentees

May 2014 Interim assessment of the experience

May-Aug 2014 Ongoing mentor/mentee meetings

Sept 2014 Educational/Networking session for mentors and mentees

Sept-Nov 2014 Ongoing mentor/mentee meetings

Dec 2014 Final networking session and assessment of the program

Interested in making a difference in a young woman’s life?  Sign up to be a mentor here.  Know a college student who could benefit from our program?  Have her fill out our mentee application.