Uncommon Lives and Uncommon Fun

Uncommon Lives of Common Women: the Missing Half of Wisconsin History, by Victoria Brown, was originally published in 1975 by the Wisconsin Feminists Project Fund.  It was republished in 2004 with funding from the Wisconsin Women’s Network and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, and was distributed to public libraries throughout Wisconsin.  Uncommon Lives has remained a popular reference for speakers, schools, and members of the general public who are interested in Wisconsin women’s history.

In 2006, WWN intern Jessica Ritschke developed a presentation based on Uncommon Lives, and presented it at the Wisconsin State Historical Museum.


Uncommon Lives Of Common Women Power Point
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In 2007, WWN joined with TAPIT/new works, Inc. to pilot Uncommon Fun: Jumping Into Wisconsin Women’s History, a model arts and social studies residency that brings Wisconsin women’s history to life in elementary and middle school classrooms. During the 2009-2010 school year, TAPIT/new works brought Uncommon Fun to Lincoln, Shorewood, Orchard Ridge, and Emerson elementary schools in the Madison Metropolitan School District.  In the photos below, students are working to develop five minute plays about women from Wisconsin history, including Betsy Thunder, Eulalia Croll, Emma Toft, Lutie Stearns, Ann Bicknell Ellis, and Clarissa Tucker Tracy.

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