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The Women’s Policy Institute trains women to be advocates in their communities and to navigate Wisconsin’s legislative and administrative rules process in order to advance legislation to improve the lives of women and girls in Wisconsin.  We are especially pleased to announce that as an extension of our work with Wisconsin Elder Economic Security Initiative, our 2013 class of advocates will again focus on issues directly affecting Wisconsin seniors. Learn more about the 2013 class of Fellows at this link.

You can support our effort to increase women’s advocacy leadership in Wisconsin and to improve the quality of life for Wisconsin’s seniors through a generous donation to the Policy Institute. Make a secured online donation today using our paypal button, or click here for a printable donation form. Click here to see a list of our Institute sponsors.



How the Wisconsin Women’s Policy Institute works: For our 2013 Institute, WWN will recruit up to 12 women to be organized into teams who will participate in the Institute with a focus on elderly security issues.  Training will take over the course of four months and will begin in February 2012. Fellows will be immediately exposed to the legislative process, meet the important players and witness government in action. These  women will work together in 2-3 parallel teams throughout the year, studying the issues involved in elderly justice, speaking with other advocates and policy makers who are working on these issues, and eventually developing their own proposals to improve their issue areas.  Fellows will be recruited from organizations in the state that want to embed advocacy within their programs, thus fulfilling their larger missions.  They will be mentored by individuals with proven advocacy experience from a variety of backgrounds (corporate, political, non-profit, legal, etc.).

2013 Institute Schedule:

Training retreats for the 2013 Wisconsin Women’s Policy Institute are scheduled to take place on the following dates. All training retreats will take place in Madison:

Retreat 1: Friday, February 15, 10 AM through Saturday, February 16 2013, 5PM

Retreat 2: Thursday, March 14, 10 AM through Saturday, March 16, 2013, 5PM

Retreat 3: Friday, April 19, 10 AM through Saturday April 20, 2013, 5PM

Retreat 4: Friday, May 10, 10 AM through Saturday, May 11, 2013, 5PM

2012 Wisconsin Women’s Policy Institute Pictures:

Click here for pictures from WWPI Retreat 1 (March 2012)

Click here for pictures from WWPI Retreat 2 (April 2012)

Click here for pictures from WWPI Retreat 3 (May 2012)

Click here for pictures from WWPI Retreat 4 (June 2012)

Learn about our 2012 WWPI Fellows at this link. See a list of our sponsors at this link.

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