WWN Publications available online

Gender Pay Equity Matters
Help America Vote Act in Wisconsin
LGBT Teen Bibliography
The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Wisconsin (also available from the WWN office)
Self-Sufficiency Standard for Wisconsin Facts
Self-Sufficiency Standard for Wisconsin FAQs
The Wisconsin Elder Economic Security Initiative
Wisconsin’s Struggle for the Equal Rights Amendment

Select Articles from The Stateswoman

Wisconsin Women’s Council Renewal Underway (June 2004)
Polarized Discussions Deepen Political Divisions (March 2004)
Poverty is Still Feminized as Gender Discrimination Persists (December 2003)
Remembering Gene Boyer (September 2003)
The Women’s Movement Moves into the 21st Century (September 2003)
Feminist Activist Art in Action (September 2003)
She’s Got Nothing? A Look at the Ballooning Cosmetic Breast Implant Industry (June 2003)
American Association of University Women - Wisconsin: title IX Policies Threatened (June 2003)
Title IX Report Released; Minority Report Challenges Process (March 2003)
The Equal Rights Amendment: Strategy for Ratification (December 2002)
The Women’s Art Movement (September 2002)
Women and the Environment: The Earth is Ours, Too! (September 2002)
Act 109 Includes New Laws to Protect Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence (September 2002)
From Pathbreakers to Partners: Title IX at 30 Celebrates Successes (June 2002)
Why Should Women be Concerned About Corporate Globalization and Fair Trade? (June 2002)
Women That Abuse Substances: Who Are They? (March 2002)
Domestic Violence in Later Life (March 2002)
Women in the Criminal Justice System (September 2001)
Abortion Funds Help Needy Women (September 2001)
Who Should See Your Genetic Code? (December 2000)

WWN Publications available for download

The Elder Economic Security Standard Index for Wisconsin, July 2008 (2009 updates available here)

Elders Living on the Edge: When Meeting Basic Needs Exceeds Available Income in Wisconsin, July 2008

It’s Not Your Fault (brochure)

Women Veterans - Women in Boots Marching Home: Resources and Information for Women Veterans

Wisconsin Women’s History - Uncommon Lives of Common Women: The Missing Half of Wisconsin History

Uncommon Fun: Jumping into Women’s History (interactive brochure)

2010 Wisconsin Young Women’s Agenda (also available in hard copy at the WWN office)

Other Resources

Institute for Women’s Policy Research: The Status of Women in the States 2004. Status of Women in Wisconsin - 2004 Update (published by the IWPR and the Women’s Fund of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation