Intro: Chronology of Recent Highlights of Wisconsin’s Women’s Movement (1962 - 1977)

Chronology of Recent Highlights of Wisconsin’s Women’s Movement (1962 - 1977)

On Wisconsin Women May, 1977

The past 15 years have been a time of real progress for Wisconsin Women. This chronology is an initial attempt to record some of the highlights of this growing effort toward a more perfect union within our own State. It includes formation of organizations, significant conferences, publication of reports, demonstrations, legislation, executive orders, key appointments and elections.

This report does not purport to be complete. My sincere apologies to all those individuals and groups whose noteworthy activity has been overlooked. It is my hope that a more thoroughly researched chronology will be undertaken soon. Despite its shortcomings, the story told by this brief document is one of hope and gratification.

Contributors to whom I am most grateful were Marian L. Thompson who combed the Wisconsin Women newsletter she produces out of University Extension for relevant items; Thomas M. Boykoff who provided helpful legislative information; Pat Mapp who gave child care highlights; Claudia Vlisides for Wisconsin National Organization for Women material; Sister Joel Read and Marian J. Swoboda for their information on various topics; Jeanette Rieder who checked some dates and typed the manuscript.

Kathryn F. Clarenbach, Chair: Women’s Education Resources University of Wisconsin - Extension and Chair: Governor’s Commission of the Status of Women

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