Intro: Chronology of Highlights in History of Wisconsin Women’s Movement (1977-2000)

The original “Chronology” was prepared in the University of Wisconsin’s office of Women’s Education Resources by Kathryn Clarenbach, Marian Thompson, and Constance Threinen. Too many years have passed since1977, but here at last the Chronology is being extended to the end of the 20th Century. It is reprinted here by the Wisconsin Women’s Network. It was written by Marian Thompson and Constance Threinen with fond memories of their long-time colleague Kathryn Clarenbach.

Their memories of these many years have been refreshed by the following newsletters:

  • Women’s Education Newsletter, University Extension, 1970-80, Marian Thompson, editor;
  • Women and Public Policy 1982-1984, University Extension, Marian Thompson, editor;
  • The Stateswoman, 1979-present, newsletter of the Wisconsin Women’s Network;
  • Equality Now and The Wisconsin Activist, newsletters of the National Organization for Women.

As most of these newsletters were published either bi-monthly or quarterly, this Chronology follows the same pattern, generally grouping the many events according to the month or months in which they appeared in the newsletters. The newsletters of the National Organization for Women were available with the help of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.

Here and there the authors may have pulled something from their own memories or gleaned it from another publication. Whatever the source, they are grateful and hope there are not too many errors. But do let them know if you have corrections or additions for this history.

Marian Thompson
Constance Threinen

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