Voting Resources and Information

The Wisconsin Women’s Network does not endorse candidates, but we absolutely endorse ALL eligible Wisconsin women exercising their constitutional right to vote. The Presidential Election Takes Place on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

2012 Election and Voting Information

To help WWN members and the public keep up with recent changes to state voting laws, here’s important information to know before Election Day. Please be aware that this information is subject to change and voters should contact their City Clerk to be sure of the status of current laws:

1) Voter ID under injunction: Because of an injunction, the new voter I.D. law is not in effect in Wisconsin (this could change at any time) BUT other new voting laws ARE still in effect. 

2) Other new laws are in effect: News voting laws that are still in effect include  new 28 day  residency requirements,  changes to absentee ballot guidelines, the elimination of corroborating witnesses, and the requirement that all voters sign the poll book. Be sure to check with your city clerk if you have any questions about these changes and how to register to vote. Many of these changes will especially impact seniors, students and women. 

3) Make sure you’re registered: You can check on your voter registration from the state Government Accountability Board’s Wisconsin Voter Information Page. If you are already registered to vote, help family members and friends get registered. You may register in person at your city clerk’s office through November 2nd or at the polls on Election Day, November 6th, but you must provide proof of residence (check the Government Accountability Board website for a list of appropriate documents). 

4) Get trained and help educate others: Members of organizations and individual can be trained to register others to vote and educate the public on the new election laws.  For those in the Madison area, the City Clerk will host several training sessions. Learn more here.

Helpful Links and Documents

Government Accountability Board (GAB) (Election results, information about Election Day, Check on the status of election laws)

Wisconsin Voter Information (GAB page where voters can check their registration status, see absentee ballot status, find  polling places, and other helpful information)

GAB Absentee Ballot Information (Learn how to apply to vote absentee)

GAB - Top Ten Things A Wisconsin Voter Should Know for Election Day (detailed guide to prepare voters for Election Day)

GAB - Election Rights and Responsibilities (GAB site for voters to determine their eligibility to vote, learn about your right observe elections and challenge voters on Election Day)

Madison City Clerk (Information about Madison area elections and getting deputized to register others to vote, some general election information)

Wisconsin League of Women Voters Page (Non-partisan information about candidates, and other helpful voting resources)

ACLU—Your Voting Rights for Election Day (Information with dates for the November 6 Election on when and how to register, other key rights.)

Wisconsin Election Protection or call 1-866-OUR-VOTE (Nonpartisan hotline to report voting/registration issues at the polls, Voter suppression concerns, ask registration questions)

Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health - Ask, Learn, Vote 2012 (2012 Women’s Health Supporter Voting Guide - Non-partisan information including questions to ask candidates and factsheets)

You Vote Girl - Planned Parenthood Wisconsin (Non-partisan voting information for Planned Parenthood supporters)

9to5 Working Women Vote our Values Guide (Policy position guide for women in the workplace issues.) (News articles, resources and other information compiled by Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television)

City of Milwaukee Voting Information Page (Milwaukee-area information on registration and polling places available in English and Spanish)

UW System Student Voting Guide for Wisconsin

UW-Madison Voter Information Page

Wisconsin Council on Children and Families Election Resources

Wisconsin Coalition Again Domestic Violence (Voting Guide for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victim Advocates) (Spanish language voting assistance)

National Voter Information and Outreach Efforts

Our Voice. Our Vote. (Get out the vote Tumblr from AAUW—great source of nonpartisan information, humor and inspiration to encourage women to vote)

Why Women Should Vote (Information from the National Women’s Law Center)

Let One Voice Emerge

News Articles

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial: Do your duty this year: Exercise your right to vote

Little-known change to voting law could cause major headache on Election Day

Second judge rejects state voter ID law

League of Women Voters Statement Following Second Injunction

Photo IDs not needed for recall elections

Absentee voting encouraged for students leaving Madison this summer

City Addresses Student Voting Issues

ACLU Blog: Students CAN Vote in Wisconsin This Summer - How to be prepared


The Wisconsin Women’s Network aims to ensure every woman has the information she and her loved ones need to vote on Election Day.  Please check it regularly for updated information. 

Organizations and individuals are encouraged to email helpful links and documents to for posting on this webpage.  Want to be a WWN election volunteer? Give us a call at 608-255-9809.

As a reminder, we are a non-partisan, non-profit organization and do not, therefore, endorse any political party or candidate.